What is a PSD?

a PSD is a photoshop document

Why do I have to use a PSD?

It’s easier because people are making the colourings and all that for you. And all you have to do is adjust the colours! But making PSDs are fun though…

Using a PSD helps you save time which means more time for tumblr!

- download your PSD first:

here’s a masterpost (not mine)

How do I use a PSD?

(I assume you’ve already had a picture picked out to edit)

here’s how to use it in 4 easy steps:

1. Open the picture you’ve picked out. (upper left: File > Open)

I will be using this picture of Harry Styles:

2. Open the .psd that you have downloaded in the same way you opened the picture

3. so it would be easier, I suggest you open both files in separate windows like this:

4. go to the the other picture with the .psd in it

in the lower right of the screen aka “LAYERS” palette, you will see a ‘folder’

and then, drag it to the main picture


if you have any questions/clarifications, I’d happily answer your questions

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